Vivek Chandra

As Managing Partner (Operations), Vivek Chandra helps CBC Law Group by managing the firm’s administration and finances. At CBC Law Group, we recognize that the firm’s success is derived from allowing our practicing attorneys to concentrate solely on managing our clients’ cases toward a successful resolution. Therefore, Vivek helps to maintain this goal by taking on all the administrative and financial management functions of the firm. Vivek is also integral in making sure the attorneys and staff have the resources necessary for them to efficiently produce successful outcomes for their clients’ cases.

Vivek earned a dual degree in Law and Management from Saint Louis University. He began his career practicing health care regulatory law for a large firm in their Nashville office. He then moved on to Community Health Systems (CHS) as Operations Counsel. While at CHS, Vivek managed the legal operations for 15-20 hospitals across the country. CBC has partnered with him to apply his legal operations expertise to CBC Law Group.

Outside of the office, Vivek has taken up running, cycling, and swimming in the hopes of completing his first triathlon. He is a huge sports fan and enjoys spending time with family and friends.